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    Coo'Nuts Pokémon 5

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    The 5th Pokemon from the collection item "Kunatsu" with various characters on a nut-shaped format is now available!
    Galar Pokémon such as Bachinky, Rabbifoot, and Jimeleon are joining the ranks! Raichu, Marill, Charizard and more! There are 16 kinds of colorful and varied.
    ● Kunut body (16 types in total) 
    1. Pikachu (surprise) 
    2. Eevee
    3. Bachinky 
    4. Rabbifoot 
    5. Jimeleon 
    6. Raichu 
    7. Marill 
    8. Charizard 
    9. Aceburn 
    10. Drameshiya 
    11. Woo 
    12. Hoshigaris 
    13. Armor Gaa 
    14. Kiteruguma 
    15. Minccino 
    16. Gombe 

    ● 1 chewing gum