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Chessex Signature/Germini/Translucent 12mm d6 Dice (Random)

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Are you looking for a SURPRISE 12mm d6 Random Dice?

Here you go! Random 12mm d6 dice in a dozen dazzling and mystical colors. Inside consists of different types of dices included Signature/Gemini/Translucent Dice. A great addition to any game or collection. All dice read from the top.

Random Chessex 12mm d6 loose dice that can be purchased. Whether you’re looking for a SURPRISE RANDOM 12mm d6 die or you need to replace individual dice from a few of your sets, our collection of Chessex Singles has you covered.

Place your order with us, and our staff will pick your luckiest's dice to you!

*Warning choking hazard! Not recommended for children under 3 years old