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Chessex Lab Dice Gemini Polyhedral 7pcs Dice (Purple/White) [CHX30021]

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You are bidding on: Chessex Lab Dice Gemini Polyhedral (Purple/White) 7pcs Dice [CHX30021]
This set of dice look, feel, and roll well and will be a great addition to any game or collection. The top number is used on a roll. The edges allow for easy shape recognition and the numbers are about as large as possible on each face. Dice come in retail packaging.
Chessex will begin providing limited edition sets of what they are branding their Lab Dice. Lab Dice sets, if they sell well, may become a permanent release. It is a good bet, however, than many lab dice sets will be one-time runs that will quickly become hard to find. Buy them now while you can! Please note as they are a limited and experimental run, there may be imperfections on certain parts of the dice. 
  • Perfect and powerful material, easy to roll up and difficult to damage, with good polishing.
  • Durable polyhedral dice for your cool desktop games, customize your own D&D dice game.
  •  They roll well and bounce nicely on any game surface.
  • Perfect and high quality polyhedral dice for various board games, parties, teaching projects, etc.
  • A perfect gift for game lovers.
  • Show off your gaming skills with these dice
  • 7-Die Set included:
    -1 D4 (Four-Sided Dice)
    -1 D6 (Six-Sided Dice)
    -1 D8 (Eight-Sided Dice)
    -1 D10 (Ten-Sided Dice)
    -1 Percentile (Double Digit Ten-Sided Dice)
    -1 D12 (Twelve-Sided Dice)
    -1 D20 (Twenty-Sided Dice)

*Warning choking hazard! Not recommended for children under 3 years old