Due to MCO at Malaysia, shipment might be facing delay problem. Starting 1st June 2021, our physical store will be close until 28th June 2021,
however our online store operates as usual. Our Facebook replying message hour is 1pm till 3pm and 7pm till 9pm.(Updated on 29th May 2021)



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    Digimon Card Game Booster Box- EX01 / BT01 / BT02 / BT03 / BT04 / BT05 / BT06 / BT07 / BT08 (Japanese)


    The Digimon card game is a competitive trading card game.
    Each player has a companion Digimon in the battle area to attack the opponent.
    Your Digimon evolves, gets stronger, and gains new power!
    You win by beating your opponent’s security (reducing your opponent’s Security Area cards to zero) and delivering a knockout blow!