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    Evangelion Tamagotchi (Mari Makinami Illustrious/Kaworu Nagisa/Ayanami Rei)


    From [Tamagotchi], [General-purpose egg-shaped decisive battle weapon Evacchi Ray model] with the motif of Neon Genesis Evangelion Ray is now available!

    --Neon Genesis Evangelion debuts in Tamagotchi!
    -Enjoy the mission of developing unique apostles!
    ――There are more than 20 variations of `Apostles` that can be raised in this Tamagotchi!
    --For apostle training, give an S2 institution if you are hungry, or adjust the LCL that becomes contaminated over time!
    ――If you close your heart, the AT field will expand, so don't neglect your training mission!
    ――In addition, you can escape from the spear of Longinus, and the first Eva machine will appear, so there are also detailed productions that fans can't stand!

    [set content]
    ・ General-purpose egg-shaped decisive battle weapon Evacchi ... 1
    ・ Instruction manual… 1

    * The play content is the same for all models.