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    Ichiban Kuji Natsume YuujinChou ~ Starscape With Nyanko Sensei! ~

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    Coming Soon~ July 2021

    Double Chance is AVAILABLE for this set!!

    Ichiban Kuji Natsume Yujincho ~ Starscape With Nyanko Sensei! ~

     Prize A - Nyanko-sensei Starry Sky Cape Plush
     Prize B - Starry Accessory Stand
     Prize C - Shooting Star Bracelet
     Prize D - Mascot Plush Toy
     Prize E - Starry Sky Scarf
     Prize F - Starry Sky Glass Collection
     Prize G - Starry Rubber Charm
     Last One Prize - Nyanko-sensei Star Jumping Cushion
    ○ Double Chance Campaign - Nyanko-sensei Starry Sky Cape Plush Toy

    Whole Set Kuji got 66tix

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