Dragon Shield Sleeve Dual Matte Art Standard Size 100pcs "Nuu"

Adding to Dragon Shield's Flesh and Blood collection is a new Hero sleeve featuring Nuu from the new expansion: Part the Waterveil. Alongside the sleeves with original artwork, packs will come with an exclusive foil promo card - Wide Blue Yonder!

Theme your TCG decks and express yourself with awesome high detail artworks! These sleeves feature the same textured back as Dragon Shield's regular Matte sleeves with the shuffle feel you know and love. Experience the exquisite buttery-smooth shuffle feel of Dragon Shield Mattes and play with peace of mind knowing your card game treasures are safeguarded by Dragon Shields!

Each cardboard box contains 100 sleeves and can be used to store 75+ single-sleeved cards, or 65+ double-sleeved cards. Every box has a label on the top for personalization.

Great sleeves for MTG, Pokemon, Flesh & Blood and Digimon!