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    Ultraman Ultra Hero Series No.74 S.H.Figuarts "Ultraman Z Original"

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    "Please sing, my name! Ultraman Seet !!!"

    "Ultraman Z Original", which was active in "Ultraman Z" as well as in "Ultraman Chronicle Z Heroes Odyssey" and also in "Ultra Galaxy Fight Great Conspiracy", is now available at S.H.Figuarts! From "Ultraman Z", the basic form of the main character, Ultraman Z, has become SHFiguarts and is a long-awaited three-dimensional!
    I will introduce its charm!

    The original appearance before Ultraman Zet was transformed into various forms with the power of successive Ultra Warriors by Ultra Fusion.
    Under the supervision of Tsuburaya Productions LSS, we are pursuing styling that can be said to be a heresy for Ultraman of the Space Guard from both modeling and coloring.

    The unique body color with blue and black arranged on a silver base, and the detailed red that comes in as an accent color are also firmly reproduced. While having the remnants of successive Ultraman, the head that gives different impressions depending on the angle is also shaped with an exquisite balance such as the size of the comb.

    Wide range of movement compliant with Ultra Arts. Comes with the effect of the special move "Zestium Ray"! Three-dimensional with a large size that exceeds the ray effect that has been attached to Ultra Arts so far!Even if you move the joints, the line will not be interrupted, and you can pose while maintaining a natural connection! 

    This effect can also be attached to the already released "SHFiguarts Ultraman Zet Alpha Edge" (sold separately). Play value will expand by aligning the series! The charm of this original is that it is extremely expressive and has many impressive gestures. Please enjoy these scenes with abundant attached wrists!

    "I'm full of ultra loneliness ..."

    A conversation scene with Haruki in the 24th episode "The Game to Extinction"! It was a famous scene unique to "Ultraman Z", where you can remember the humor with the familiar "Z word" while it is a serious scene that is on the verge of life!

    ■ Product Specifications

    Height: about 150mm
    Material: PVC, made of ABS

    ■ Set Contents

    • Body
    • Replacement wrist left and right each six
    • Replacement color timer
    • Zestium ray effect

    Please read for Pre-Order:
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    -If stocks arrived on the release date are Insufficient to fulfill all pre order customers, we will prioritize everyone to get ONE copy each. Those who are unable to be fulfill will be in our waiting list for next batch of stock arrival or may get a refund if there's no balance stock from Bandai.

    *May differ slightly from actual product.
    *Slight variations between each piece may occur in external appearances such as coloring.
    *The product specifications and shipping date may change without prior notification.