Z/X -Zillions of enemy X - The Extra Pack The 45th - Reunion Overboost [ZX-E-45] (Japanese)

Title:Display Box (10pcs)
(C)BROCCOLI / Nippon Ichi Software, Inc. Illust: 田所哲平、藤真拓哉、まさる.jp、IRIA、TOH. ART DIRECTION協力:工画堂スタジオ

── - The main characters of Reunion reappear in a new [IGOB]!

- The decks of the four protagonists of Reunion have been renewed with a new [IGOB (Ignition Overboost)]!
- [Shuri Kijinno] [Ena Amanogawa] [Mato Shinonome] [Yuni Tsukigata] decks are now available with new IGOB!
- Contains a wealth of new and reprinted cards, and you can build a deck for 4 people with just this product.
- This product is recommended for those who are just starting Z/X and those who have played Z/X before!

- Contains cards that support [IGOB] and protagonists from another world!
- Contains not only cards that support this [IGOB], but also many cards that are useful in previously recorded [IGOB] decks! Furthermore, we have newly included cards with illustrations of some of the main characters in another world, so keep an eye out for the unexpected appearances of those characters!

- R (Rare): 32 types + Holo 32 types / Reprint R (Rare): 18 types + Holo 18 types / SR (Super Rare): 15 types + Gold foil Holo 15 types / OBR (Overboost Rare): 8 types / Reprint RR (Revolution Rare): 12 types / SFR (Shift Rare): 1 type / UR (Ultra Rare): 1 type
*The pack always includes at least one holocard of R or higher.

Item Size/Weight : 16 x 7.5 x 4.2 cm / 110g