Z/X -Zillions of enemy X - The Extra Pack The 46th - Dragonic Meteor [ZX-E-46] (Japanese)

Title:Display Box (10pcs)

Product Specifications

[1BOX] 10 packs
[1 pack] 4 pieces


Packed randomly.

Strengthening the “Dragon Maiden” deck and introducing a new dragon category!

◆Includes reinforcement cards for 6 “Dragon Maidens”, “Destiny Bane” and “Lilfi”!
Contains reinforcement cards for 8 players of each color: Dragon Priestess, Destiny Bane, and Lilfi!
Furthermore, continuing from "Explosive! Supernova", we have reprinted some powerful cards and category cards, making it easier to build decks even from this product!
This product is recommended for those who have purchased "Perfect! Yui" or those who have previously played Z/X!

◆A new category “Idora” centered on “Dragon Maiden” who appeared from another star world is now available!
A new category “Dragon” centered on the “Dragon Maiden” race will appear for the first time from “Ryūbu Ryuseigun”!
You can build a powerful deck that combines an alien dragon shrine maiden and a dragon, so even those who are just starting out with Z/X can enjoy it!

◆New “Ascension” and powerful general-purpose cards have been added!
In “Dragon Dance Meteor Shower”, a new “Ascension” will appear following “Explosion! Supernova”!
In addition to strengthening existing categories, multiple powerful general-purpose cards are newly recorded and re-recorded!
You can get cards that are useful in various decks other than the "Dragon Maiden" deck all at once!

[Number of card types]
Total 67 types (excluding Special Card)
N (Normal): 18 types + Holo 18 types
R (Rare): 14 types + Holo 14 types
R + (Rare Plus): 6 types
Reprint R (Rare): 12 types + Holo 12 types
SR (Super Rare): 14 types + Holo 14 types
SSR (SSR): 3 types
*At least one Holo card is always included in the pack.

(The number of types is the total number of types for all produced products. Since the items for sale are randomly packed, the number of purchases required to have all types will vary depending on the product.)