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    Battle Spirits Collaboration Booster Kamen Rider -Path of the Partners [BS-CB15] (Japanese)

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    "Awakening" card is now available in Kamen Rider collaboration! It is possible to reproduce the original more than ever!
    Full-scale recording of "Kamen Rider W", "Kamen Rider Wizard" and "Kamen Rider Zero One"!
    In addition, the popular character "Is" from "Kamen Rider Zero One" is now available as a card using live-action steel!

    CB15, entitled Collaboration Booster: Kamen Rider - Path of the Partners (コラボブースター【仮面かめんライダー ~相棒あいぼうとのみち~】?). It is the fifteenth collaboration pack and the seventh collaboration with the Kamen Rider franchise. CB15 will be released in Japan on September 26th 2020. This set will include Spirit, Nexus and Magic cards in all six colors.

    It will include a total of 90 cards: 45 Commons, 18 Rares, 8 Master Rares, 8 Rebirth Rares, 6 X-Rares and 1 XX-Rare + 4 Campaign cards.

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