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    Bushiroad Sleeve Protector "Mat & Clear" Over Sleeve for Mini Size (Super Hard) [BSLC-010]

    Dimensions suitable for protection of mini size sleeve.
    Bushiroad thickest and hardest over sleeve.
    Adopt matte film to taste fine texture on the back !!
    Clear material on the surface and good text visibility!
    Guard the important sleeve firmness and thickness firmly.
    Made in Japan.

    • 50 over sleeves
    • Sleeve size: length 93 × width 65 mm
    • Surface: Clear, Back side: Matte
    • OP bag with header
    • Material: PP

    View all Bushiroad Sleeve Protector at here.
    Bushiroad Thickest & Hardest over sleeve appeared in 4 different sizes and specifications! :
    BSLC-012 Small Size Both Clear Super Hard
    BSLC-010 Small Size Mat & Clear Super Hard
    BSLC-011 Standard Size Both Clear Super Hard
    BSLC-009 Standard Size Mat & Clear Super Hard

    For Non Super Hard over sleeve, please refer below:
    BSLC-007 Small Size Both Clear 
    BSLC-008 Small Size Mat & Clear 
    BSLC-004 Standard Size Both Clear 
    BSLC-002 Standard Size Mat & Clear