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    The Pokémon Company International


    Lance's Charizard V Promo / Dark Sylveon V Promo -Single Card

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    Celebrate the great teamwork between Charizard and its Trainer Lance or explore the darker side of Sylveon with a unique look at the Intertwining Pokémon with this pair of Pokémon TCG: Celebrations Collections, which highlights classic gameplay mechanics from Pokémon TCG days past.

    You can choose from either Lance's Charizard V, who brandishes a powerful Flamethrower attack, or Dark Sylveon V, who has a Disarming Voice that can Confuse your opponent's Active Pokémon and a Tricky Ribbon attack that not only damages your opponent's Pokémon—it also forces them to reveal one of the cards in their hand before returning it to their deck.