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    Pokemon Scale World Sinnoh Region 2

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    The 9th figure series that expresses 3D on a 1/20 scale with the concept of reproducing "a world where humans and Pokemon coexist".
    This is the second installment of the Sinnoh region, which is the setting for the "Pokemon Diamond and Pearl" series.
    In addition to the Pokemon who expand the world view of the series, the main character Kouki Hikari is lined up in the costume of the "Pokemon Platinum" version.
    A total of 11 types, 9 types of Pokemon and 2 types of Pokemon trainers.

    -Colored figures (6 types in total)
    1. Muckle & Bidoof & Lucario
    2. Riolu & Shinx & Glaceon
    3. Gible & Leafeon
    4. Luxray
    5. Kouki (Pt ver.)
    6. Hikari (Pt ver.)
    ● 1 gum (soda flavor)

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