Animal Crossing: New Horizons Card Gummi Selection

Title: Whole Box (20packs)
Set of 20.
Please note that you cannot necessarily get all kinds of the items in one box.
There are 32 kinds of cards.
(C) Nintendo

- [Gathered Animal Crossing] card gummies are now available as a selection!
- In addition to the 1st to 3rd lineup (28 types) released in the past, 2 new resident snap cards and 2 new cards from [Happy Home Paradise] will be included!
- A total of 32 types of cards are included, including [Snap Cards] that introduce unique residents, [Visual Cards] that allow you to enjoy the scenery of island life, and [Message Cards] that lively animals gather.
- Gummies have a mixed fruit flavor.

*Part of the lineup will be a re-recording of the previously released Collected Animal Crossing Card Gummies 1-3.
*The image is part of the lineup.

- 1 card (32 types in total)
1. 21 types of snap cards
2. 5 visual cards
3. 6 message cards
- 1 tray gummy (4 types in total)