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Aoshima Full Metal Panic! Plastic Model Kit IV ARX-8 Laevatein

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- A masterpiece, sticking to details in a development period of 4 years, Rebatein is finished in a dignified manner.
- Parts realize an easy-to-assemble kit that uses color-coded shaping, a snap method that does not require glue.
- Sticking to the movable range and deployment gimmick etc, it is possible to reproduce the scene in the play as you wish.
- Boxer 2 and single molecule cutter, demolition gun and fairy feather etc, accessories are also full volume!
- Please enjoy the newly reborn Rebatein in every corner under direct supervision by Mechanical Designer Ebike Kanetake.

· Demolition gun
· M1108 Anti-tank car Daga -
· GRAW-4 single molecular cutter -
· Boxa -2 76mm shotgun
· Lambda · Driver · Canceller -
· Replacement arm
· Effect part

- Scale: 1/48
- Dimensions: Overall height about 180 mm
- Specifications: Plastic model, Snap method Adhesive unnecessary kit, Color coding
- Revisit the conventional full meta kit again, it becomes a kit which version upgraded such as movable range, ease of assembly, completeness etc.

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Item Size/Weight : 32.7 x 21.5 x 11.3 cm / 666g