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    Battle Spirits Collaboration Booster Gundam Space Warrior [BS-CB13] (Japanese)

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    Gundam collaboration booster is here !!
    A large number of popular mobile suits have been recorded, allowing you to build decks of various tactics! The
    new gimmick "Awakening" is recorded fastest in a collaboration booster!
    In addition, new XX rare and popular parallel cards are now available!

    CB13, entitled Collaboration Booster: Gundam - Warriors from Space (バトスピコラボブースター ガンダム「宇宙そらを駆かける戦せん士し」?). It is the thirteenth collaboration pack and the first collaboration booster with the Gundam franchise. CB13 was released in Japan on May 30th of 2020. This set included Spirit, Magic, and Nexus cards for Red, White and Blue.

    It included a total of 86 cards: 45 Commons, 11 Rares, 8 Master Rares, 15 Rebirth Rares, 6 X-Rares and 1 XX-Rare.

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