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    Battle Spirits Mega Deck Diva Concert [BS-SD58]

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    SD58, entitled Battle Spirits Mega Deck: Diva Concert (メガデッキ 学園演奏会ディーバコンチェルト Mega Dekki: Dība Koncheruto?) is a Mega Deck in the Rebirth Saga, to be released on March 13th, 2021. It is a pre-made deck dedicated to the Diva family, and besides SD50 the Aikatsu collaboration deck, is the first Diva mega deck, introducing the new keyword Resonance.

    It includes 19 cards + 3 Interchangeable cards + 1 campaign card, for a total of 23 cards. Among them are 10 Commons, 4 Rares, 2 Master Rares, and 3 X-Rares. The deck also comes with 50 card sleeves, 30 cores, one Soul Core, and a play mat.