Battle Spirits "Optical Awakening" 2020 Vol.1 Wafer

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The latest version of wafers from the popular card game "Battle Spirits".
Introducing Awakening X Rare with the latest gimmick "Awakening" that uses both sides of the card from this bullet!
A luxurious line-up of 2 popular X rare + 1 original wafer-changing X rare!
● 1 battle spirits card (21 types in total)
1. Blader X
2. Amano 12 Miya Thunder Star Beast Drag Taurus
3. Dragon Star Emperor Meteorum X
4. Morguezaurus X
5. Moon Red Dragon Strike Siegwurm Sagitta
6. Sagittarius draw
7. Shiki Ryukoku Strike Wulm Leo Λ / Awakening Shiki Strike Vul
8. Tensei 12 Miya Majin, Stein Goyle
9. Tensei 12 Miya Dark Star Fish Pisque Garriott
10. Tensei 12 Miya Jusei Beast Sephirot Sheep
11. Black Machsey X
12. Giant crab sword crabs
13. Tensei 12 Miya Ice Beast Leosard
14. Skyscraper Mobile Scorbium
15. Blizzard wall
16. White Crystal Barrier (Mashin bullet ver)
17. Tensei 12 Miya Koseihime Virginia
18. Tensei 12 Miya Holy Star Envoy Geminic
19. Closed Gemini (Mashinkan ver)
20. Skyscraper Spear Lance
21. Tiansei 12 Miya Geostar Soldier Rib Riva
● Wafer (baked confectionery) 1 sheet

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