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Battle Spirits Rebirth Saga Vol 1 – The Returner [BS52]

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Title: Single Pack (Random)

BS52, entitled Rebirth Saga Volume 1 – The Returner (バトスピ転醒編第1章:輪廻転生リターナー lit. Cycle of Rebirth), is the fifty-second set of the trading card game. It was released in Japan on April 25th, 2020. This set includes Spirit, Brave, Magic, and Nexus cards in all six colors.

It contains a total of 116 cards : 45 Commons, 15 Rares, 12 Master Rares, 9 X-Rares, 3 XX-Rares, 12 Rebirth Rares and 3 Rebirth X-Rares + 17 Campaign Cards