Battle Spirits Shin Awakening Chapter 2 Ultimate God Awakening (Booster Pack) [BS57]

BS57, entitled True Rebirth Saga Volume 2 – Never End Story (バトスピ 真・転醒編 第2章:究極の神醒ネバーエンドストーリー Shintensei-hen Dai-nishō: Nebāendo Sutōrī?, lit. Ultimate's Divine Awakening), is the fifty-seventh set of the trading card game, continuing the True Rebirth Saga block and re-releasing Ultimates after their one year of disappearance. It was released in Japan on July 31st, 2021, and includes Spirit, Ultimate, Brave, Nexus and Magic cards in all six colors.

It contains a total of 108 cards:
- 45 Commons
- 15 Rares
- 12 Master Rares
- 9 X-Rares
- 2 XX-Rares
- 12 Rebirth Rares
- 3 Rebirth X-Rares + 10 Campaign Cards.