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Best Hit Chronicle 2/5 Sega Saturn (HST-3200)

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Celebrating its 25th anniversary, “SEGA Saturn” was like a miracle that you could play arcade games in your own house at that time.
The game machine that produced many hits has been plastic modeled from "BEST HIT CHRONICLE"!
-Reproduce the faithful details of Sega Saturn released on November 22, 1994. You can assemble the contents of the aircraft that you could not see at the time.
■ The layered structure achieves the same color coding as the actual machine simply by stacking them.
■ Reproduce the details of the logo that was nailed every time you saw it on TV or magazines.
■ Not only the internal structure, but also the terminals on the back and the power cable socket are faithfully reproduced.
■ We adopt foil seal on back plate and reproduce texture.
■ Includes controller and clear disk for game software reproduction. Adopted specifications to decorate the reading part with a foil sticker.

■ Kainus seal x1
■ Foil seal x1
■ Lead wire x1