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Bicycle Black Magic Limited Edition Playing Cards

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The lifelong battle between Good and Evil is immortalized with the Bicycle Black Magic Playing Cards. Shape Shifters and Max Playing Cards have collaborated to create a deck of cards that counters the notorious reputation of Black Magic and showcases how it shouldn’t be seen as something reserved for corrupt purposes. Evil surrounds us every day and this collector’s edition deck of cards is a reflection of life and our ability to use magic and hope to battle the forces of evil.

Bicycle Black Magic Playing Cards uses an incredibly unique combination of 2D and 3D graphic techniques to create illustrations that exude a positive energy and joy. These emotions are reflected in the pips and indices, which have been modified into gorgeous green and purple colors. The Aces, Jokers and Court Cards are also completely custom and built around the same aesthetic employed in the two-way geometric, medieval-inspired back design.

The background on the faces remains a traditional white to ensure a clean, recognizable look for card magic and card games. However, it has also been intricately decorated with subtle details to add a touch of luxury that makes this deck of cards highly collectable.

Only 2,500 of these limited edition decks were ever created.