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Bicycle Surrealsim Playing Cards

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Here we are again, with a brand-new deck featuring stunning 3D visuals from the artist Omar Aqil. Omar’s source of inspiration lays in his studies of Picasso’s cubist rendition of reality. 
The master of cubism is famous for synthetizing different points of view of the same object all in one painting. This results in geometric distortion of his images, creating a unique depiction of common objects. Many have been inspired by his work, but Omar thought of a new way of rendering the vision of Picasso, using modern technology. 
He brings the composition to life by pulling the signature flattened geometric shapes back into the 3D space. This way, he creates compelling conceptual imagery full of colors, texture, and almost sculptural structures that mimic Picasso’s famous paintings. The resulting pictures give off a vibe of a dreamy surrealist space full of Dalí-like eyes keeping watch over the composition. 
The front of the box leaves nothing up to imagination by featuring a large structure in the shape of a majestic spade, pointing up to the title. It consists of various elements, just like an hourglass, spinning top, and many abstract tubes and spirals that seem to be in a constant state of rotation around the central axis. 
The top and both sides of the box feature a decorative composition of metal looking spirals and waves, with a golden eye in the center. The whole composition is made in warm tones of orange, gold, and copper.
The Back Desgin surprises with a dream-like structure centralized around the ever-repeating gold eye. 
The countless spirals and cylinders adorned with more eyes seem to mirror each other and the whole image is brought together by coiled copped spades in each corner.  
While including many elements, the back design gives out a balanced look,  features cooling tones of aquamarine and sky blue.
The court cards are the pinnacle of geometric mastery of the designer. Each of the cards from each of the suits has a completely unique design. The characters created by Omar are playful and colorful, and almost completely abstract. As opposed to most card designs, that you need to study closely, with Bicycle Surrealism deck, you actually have to look from afar. 
Only then you will be able to gauge that the seemingly random shapes form well thought-over faces. This way, the designer not only plays with the Picasso-esque expression but also our deep-rooted relationship with vision and distance.
Under further inspection, you might find out that the Queens sport the same tiaras, while the Kings proudly wear their majestic crowns. The Jacks peek at you from underneath varied fancy hats with their mouth slightly agape, as if they have just told the best joke ever and are waiting for your reaction. Even on the court cards, you can clearly distinguish the omnipresent gaze of the golden eyes. Just like the rest of the deck, the court cards are also framed in three thin blue lines.
Since most of the cards are occupied by complex configurations, the number cards provide a simple, easy on the eye experience. The classic frame is reduced into three thin lines, outlining the whole visual. 
The numbers are very simple too, only featuring a subtle shadow. The symbols for spades, clubs, hearts, and diamonds have a unified design, only differentiated by colors; sky blue for spades, aquamarine for clubs, orange for hearts and golden for diamonds. All these colors correspond to all the mainly used colors of the deck, which creates a consistent impression of the overall design.
The Ace of Spades is dominated by a similar sculpture of a spade that we saw on the front of the box. This time, the colors transform into playful shades of blue, red and gold. The various geometric shapes not only vary in color but also texture, which creates such a dynamic feeling that it seems like the sculpture could stir to life at any moment.
The Jokers finish the deck off with their cheerful yet elegant design that comes in two different versions – with a silver and a golden background. The Joker’s face has a mischievously raised eyebrow as it is smiling right out of the card, inviting you to come and play.