Bounsweet & Steenee Bakery Holiday Pokémon Village Figure

Join Ye Now in a Merry Measure of Pokémon Charm!

Outside Bounsweet & Steenee Bakery, Pikachu is serving up fresh holiday treats to peckish Morpeko on this figure that’s jam-packed with wintery whimsy and playful Pokémon! Dozens of tiny details, including wreaths, a decorated tree, and Alolan Vulpix satisfying its sweet tooth, make this a truly special piece.


  • Looks great with other Holiday Pokémon Village figures (sold separately)
  • Features Pikachu, Morpeko (Full Belly Mode), Morpeko (Hangry Mode), Alolan Vulpix, Chespin, and more Pokémon friends!
  • Every window shows a different festive scene
  • Has a colorful, dimensional design
  • Part of the Holiday Pokémon Village collection
  • Pokémon Center Original