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Broccoli Hybrid Sleeve Collection "Mugen no Kojou"

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Product Description ■ Resurrected Hybrid Sleeve The 4th installment features a superb view sleeve.
We will deliver what was popular when it can be used for various concept decks! "
Muscular lonely castle" which reproduced Neuschwanstein castle in the darkness has re-appeared in response to your request!

Broccoli Hybrid The sleeve is completely domestically produced. It uses an
original melt cut sealing finish, and it is a high quality sleeve that is difficult to salmon and warp!

* The quality of the contents does not change.
With the same quality as before, it is even more profitable with 80 pieces each.

[Product Details]
1 pack: 80 sheets
Size: 67 x 92 mm
Material: OP / CP film
Front: Transparent Back: 7C printing (4C + white x 2 + silver)