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Buddyfight Sleeve Collection Vol.81 "Kurobikari Daimaryuu Azi Dahaka IF"

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55 Sleeves/Pack
Size: 67 x 92mm
Material: PP + Silver Film
Printing: Front: Transparent / Back: 5C (4C + White)
*High grade style.

[What is "High Grade" style?]
High Grade style sleeves are types of sleeve with high quality color printing!The sleeves also have shiny processing.

[How big are Buddyfight cards?]
Buddyfight cards are standard sized. Please be advised that it cannot be stored into mini size sleeves.
Regular Size: Weiss Schwarz, Buddyfight
Mini Size: "Card Fight!! Vanguard" Card

-The 32nd sleeve perfect for the hottest trading card game [Future Card Buddy Fight]!
-From the 5th release of [Future Card God Buddy Fight] Ultimate Booster [Badia Gain Vol.2 Super Buddy War EX] released on Saturday, March 7, [Pentagonal Dragon King Mugen Drum], [Dark Dragon of Black Light] Azi Dahaka `IF`] and [` Repair Equipment / Sora Asagi` Lana Collet] !!