Build Divide - Booster - "Dance, with a Song of Hope" Vol.13 (Japanese)

Title: Booster Box (16packs)
7 cards in 1 package & 16 packages in 1 box. 112 cards.
Please note that you cannot necessarily get all kinds of the items in one box.
There are 86+84 kinds of cards.
(C)build-divide project

- The last ``main class ace'' representing this season will participate!!
- 3rd season ace reinforcement! The second ace has already appeared!!
- Includes autograph card featuring anime voice actors! RR is [Kuzuryu/Camelia]

- Significant enhancement of popular deck!! New leading class ace ``Catalina'' joins the battle!

- New Ace [Catalina] and [Haruto] join the battle!
- The last of the 3rd season's main class aces, the new white ace [Catalina, Angel of the Momozakura Festival], whose CV is handled by Sayumi Suzushiro, is finally joining the battle!
- In addition, the leader of the motorcycle gang [Guren Chief Haruto] from the white and red world is now available! Disturb the battlefield with the bold tactics that only a delinquent can do!!

- New popular aces appear!!
- Newly added aces [Altamira] and [Camilia] who led the bullets in the past!
- A second ace has already appeared for [Lyle], [Griselda], and [Yugao] who have been participating since the 3rd season!!
- Build Divide, which is in its third year, will continue to firmly push [Oshi]!!!

- Divide Rare, Secret, Premier Territory, and Rebuild Rare are also included!
- Divide Rare is [Angel of the Peach Cherry Blossom Festival, Katarina]! Includes foil-stamped autograph from popular voice actor [Sayumi Suzushiro]!
- Rebuild Rare is [Kuzuryuu/Employee Camilia]! Two types of parallels with beautiful illustrations drawn by Shinoya and foil-stamped signatures of Camilia [Marika Takano] and Kanoki Reira [Riho Sugiyama] are included!
- [Premier Territory] includes 4 types and [Secret] includes 5 types!

- Total 86 types + 84 parallel types
- N40 type R28 type SR10 type UR6 type Rebuild Rare (RR) 2 types Parallel Rare 74 types Divided Rare (DR) 1 type SC 5 types Premier Territory (PT) 4 types