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Build Divide Booster Vol. 02 "Prelude To War, And Fateful Encounters" [BD-A-B2] (Japanese)

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Title: Booster Pack (Random)
80 card types + 81 parallel types

New Aces and Territories!

Teruto Kurabe (CV. Yuto Uemura), the main character of the TV anime "Building Divide -#000000- (Code Black)" , and two new aces "Rebecca" and "Bertiga" standing in front of Bloom's ace. New entry!
As a deck archetype with a strategy different from the existing ace, it creates a new wind in the game environment!
"Failshooter Rebecca" artwork illust: NINNIN

"Frontier Bravery Bertiga" Artwork illust: Yuga Hatori

In addition, additional territories have already appeared for Ace Malgurea and Bloom, who are used by Kikka (CV. Yu Serizawa)!
By converting the territory, the true value of the building divide is demonstrated, which transforms into a deck with a completely different strategy! !

Includes foil-stamped autograph card of popular voice actor "Mimi Tanaka"! 

This time's highest rarity "Divide Rare" is a special card with a stamped signature of Miumi Tanaka, who plays Rebecca, and a beautiful illustration of Mr. NINNIN!

Includes Kira-processed parallel cards! 

Parallel rares exist for all card types except divide rares!
It has become a gorgeous special specification that responds to the taste of core users who want to make all the cards in the deck shine!


Box inclusion benefits!

1 promotion card is included in each box (one of the two types is randomly included)