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Build Divide Booster Vol. 03 "The Derisive Sneering Philosopher, And The Dazzled Mad Lady" [BD-A-B3] (Japanese)

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Title: Booster Pack (Random)
80 card types + 81 parallel types

New power "Assault Territory" appears!

After release, it turns into a unit, and the territory ability "Assault Territory" that can attack the opponent appears.
The threatening ability to line up units at the same time as the ace will create a new wind in the game environment!

Includes new ace in black and white, and new territory in blue and red! 

"Ishtarte" is the new black ace, and "Neferxes" is the new white ace!
"Lady of Evil Desire Ishtarte" artwork illust: Takuya Fujima

“Arrogant Sage Neferxes” artwork illust: ikuyoan
In addition, blue Aiola and red Lionel have a second territory!
Each provides a completely different new strategy and expands the range of gameplay! Pursue more fun! !

Includes stamped signature card of popular voice actor "Azumi Waki"!

The highest rarity "Divide Rare" this time is "Ishtarte, the daughter of evil desires" drawn by Mr. Takuya Fujima!
The card is a gorgeous special card with a stamped signature of Azumi Waki, who plays the role of Ishtarte in the TV anime "Building Divide"!


Box inclusion benefits! 

1 promotion card is included in each box (one of the two types is randomly included)