Build Divide Collaboration Booster "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba" Vol. 2 [BD-KM-TB2] (Japanese)

Title: Booster Box (16pcs)
This item is limited to 12 per household.
7 cards in 1 package & 16 packages in 1 box. 112 cards.
Please note that you cannot necessarily get all kinds of the items in one box.
There are 72+72 kinds of cards.

- Recorded from April to [Swordsmith Village Edition] & all 9 pillars gathered!
- Ufotable new drawing, 6 points included!
-High rare/high rare parallel design has been greatly changed for improved collection!

- Includes TV anime [Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba] Swordsmith Village!

- Muichiro! Mitsuri! Commercialized with content based on the story!
- Cards including the TV anime [Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba] from April 2023 will participate!
- [Kasumibashira Tokitou Muichiro] [Koibashira Kanroji Mitsuri] will be enclosed in a newly drawn card!

- Gather all 9 [Pillars]! In addition, [Oni Deck] Explosion!!
- Following the [Insect Pillar], [Water Pillar], [Sound Pillar], and [Flame Pillar] that have already been made into cards, [Kasumi Pillar], [Love Pillar], [Wind Pillar], [Snake Pillar], and [Rock Pillar] will join the battle, and 9 All the pillars of people gather!
- Furthermore, the territory of [Kibutsuji Miserable] appears!
- The power of the founding ancestor who controls the demons rampages in the building divide!?

- Includes popular rarity SC/PT! High rare / high rare parallel adopts a new design!
- 6 new illustrations drawn by ufotable are included as divide rare and secret!
-In addition, the SC, DR, SR/UR parallel specifications have changed significantly!
- In addition to the [full frameless specification] without a text box, a lot of cards with different illustrations are introduced!
- Collection elements will be greatly enhanced!!

- All 72 types + 72 parallel types
- N32 R24 SR10 UR6 Parallel Rare 62 Divide Rare 2 SC4 Premier Territory (PT) 4