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Build Divide Trial Deck Vol. 04 "The Goddess of Ferocity" [BD-A-S4] (Japanese)

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Contents: 41 cards (14 types), rule sheet, play sheet
Included Ultra Rare Ace card with glitter processing is always included in each deck

“Palhadora, the incarnation of cleansing fire” artwork illust: Song Song Hatori

A new concept deck used by the main characters of the anime!

In the Build Divide TCG, the first concept "attribute deck" appears!

A concept that generates powerful synergies by combining cards with the new attribute "God Soldiers".
It is very active in the play as a technical deck that returns the card to the hand and reuses it!

You can fight immediately after purchase!

Starting with 4 "Ace" units, which are the keys of the deck, all cards are made up of 2 to 4 cards, so you can play as a powerful deck as it is!

A rule manual that allows you to start playing the game immediately and a play sheet that allows you to quickly understand the layout of the field are also included, making it ideal for those who are just starting "Build Divide"!