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Cardfight!! Vanguard Booster 12: Yaten Kyoushuu [VG-D-BT12] (Japanese)

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Title: Booster Pack
This item is limited to 12 per household.
7 cards in 1 package & 16 packages in 1 box. 112 cards.
Please note that you cannot necessarily get all kinds of the items in one box.
(C)VANGUARD will+Dress Character Design / 2021-2023 CLAMP・ST illust:Kinema citrus/ToMo

- VG-D-BT12 [Yaten Assault] contains many units that appear in [Cardfight!! Vanguard will+Dress Season 3] scheduled to start broadcasting from July 2023!
- The package is Ishigame Zakusa and Masques unit [Orphist]!

[Recorded countries]
《Dragon Empire》
《Dark States》
《Keter Sanctuary》

- Number of card types: 96 types in total