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    Cardfight Vanguard overDress Lyrical Booster 1st "Lyrical Melody" [VG-D-LBT01] (Japanese)

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    A pack featuring only "Lyrical Monasterio" is now available!

    "Lyrical Monasterio" is a school city where idols and idol candidates from all over the world live.
    Various (mermaids, angels, vampires, warbeasts, etc.) girls' units who live their school life in such "Lyrical Monasterio" . Included

    The pack contains 5 types of cards and ride lines that strengthen the lyrical trial deck.
    Also, 3 types of critical trigger, draw trigger, front trigger, and heel trigger are recorded.
    The guardian of the same ability also contains 5 types of R, so build a deck. Easy!
    Following "Dawn of the Five Great Century" and "Encounter with Legend", one SP will appear in one box!
    In addition, LSR (lyrical secret rare) or lyrical special pack (*) appears very rarely !

    * A pack containing 7 types of LSP (lyrical special), 1 each

    Information was released at "Bushiroad TCG Strategy Presentation 2021 Summer Great Sheng"!

    There are 5 types of ORR in all!
    All abilities are the same, so you can put your favorite units in the deck.
    One ORR will appear in one box following the "Dawn of the Five Century" !

    Recording nation: Lyrical monasterio

    120 types in total [120 new types]
    (RRR: 10 types / RR: 12 types / ORR: 5 types / R: 30 types / C: 63 types)
    + 112 types in parallel (LSR: 5 types / LSP: 7 types / SP : 50 types / H: 50 types)
    * LSR = Lyrical Secret Rare
     LSP = Lyrical Special
     ORR = Overdouble Rare
     H = Holo

    1 pack 7 cards
    * 2 shining cards are included in 1 pack!
    16 packs per box
    20boxes per carton

    ■ Box purchase privilege
    D4DJ will collaborate with DJ unit Lyrical Lily !
    As a box purchase privilege, one of the four types of card-type special fighter's counters will be randomly included in one box!