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Cardfight Vanguard overDress Lyrical Trial Deck 1st "Departure! Lyrical Monasterio!" [VG-D-LTD01] (Japanese)

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A trial deck featuring the recording nation "Lyrical Monasterio" is now available!

"Lyrical Monasterio" is a school city where idols and idol candidates from all over the world live. Various (mermaids, angels, ghosts, warbeasts, etc.) girls' units who live their school life in such "Lyrical Monasterio" .

Lyrical booster will be released at the same time as the lyrical trial deck!

Get guardians and overtriggers with Lyrical Boosters to strengthen your deck!
In the lyrical booster, very rarely, live costume versions of "Astesice Kairi", "Astesice Kiyora", "Astesice Nanami", "Astesice Mion", "Astesice Mass", and "Astesice Kanami" are recorded!
Check the details of the first lyrical booster "Lyrical Melody" from the banner below!

Introducing the illustration of the main unit recorded in the lyrical trial deck!

All 15 types [14 new types, 1 reprint]
(6 types of RRR specification cards)
+ 6 types of parallel (SP: 6 types)
・ One RRR specification D-LTD01 / 001 "Astesice Kairi" Two randomly selected cards with 5 types of RRR specifications are included!
In addition to 3 RRR-specification cards, SP is rarely included!
-The reprinted card is the over-trigger "Decision Spirit King Orbaria" -Critical
trigger, draw trigger, front trigger, heel trigger are recorded one by one

set content
・ 1 pre-built deck (50 cards)
・ 2 power counters
・ 1 first guide
・ 1 play sheet