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    Cardfight Vanguard overDress Title Booster 1st Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- 2021 [VG-D-TB01] (Japanese)

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    All 92 types [New 92 types]
    (RRR: 10 types / RR: 16 types / R: 21 types / C: 45 types)
    + Parallel 117 types (SSR: 5 types / SP: 16 types / TRR: 96 types)
    * Parallel cards include some cards that are not included in this title booster.
    [SSR (Super Special Rare)]
    … Includes one type of parallel card from the title trial deck.
    [SP (Special)]
    … Includes 1 type of title trial deck card and 4 types of box privilege PR cards in parallel.
    [TRR (Touken Ranbu Rare)]

    1 pack 7 cards 
    * 2 shining cards are included in 1 pack!
    1 box 12 packs