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    Cardfight Vanguard G Starter Set Divine Knight of Heavenly Decree [VG-G-TD11+] (Japanese)

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    All 18 types of cards 52 cards
    (fixed contents are 16 types / new 16 types, re-record 1 type 50 cards + G unit 1 type 2 cards)
    Glowing RRR specification cards 4 types 4 cards included!

    Royal Paladin

    -Set of 50 pre-built trial deck cards + 2 G units of 1 type
    (same content as VG-G-TD11 "Saint Knight of Tenmei")-Playmat
    (back side deck manual)
    -Clan card "Royal Paladin" "
    -"Vanguard G NEXT" post card
    -[limited] special mini sleeve 70 sheets
    size: height 89mm × horizontal 62Mm
    -[limited] special deck holder
    size: width 73mm × height 97mm × thickness 62Mm
    -[limited] special 1 Fighters Counter
    * Useful for calculating power!
    ・ [Limited] 3 special RRR PR cards (3 reprints)
    ("Sacred Dragon Laser Guard Dragon" "Night of Twinsword" "Knight of the Wind Selim")