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Cardfight Vanguard G The Overlord blaze "Toshiki Kai" [VG-G-LD02] (Japanese)

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All 16 types 56 pieces (14 types 50 pieces pre-built deck + 2 types of G cards 6 pieces) / 16 new types
(1 piece each for 16 types of RRR specification cards)


-Pre-built deck
-Special Storage Box (oar Toshiki)
Size: Width 230mm × height 75mm × thickness 105Mm
, special mini sleeve 70 sheets (oar Toshiki)
Size: Height 89mm × horizontal 62Mm
, special vertical deck holder (oar Toshiki)
Size: Width 71 mm x Height 97 mm x Thickness 60 mm
-Special Fighters Counter (Ki Toshiki)
, Clan Card (Kai Toshiki)
, 2 Special PR Cards ("Hatenno Ryu Dragonic Overload" The Ace "") * Reprint, normal specifications
, deck manual (back side is play mat)