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Cardfight Vanguard Glorious Bravery of Radiant Sword [VG-G-BT07] (Japanese)

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Title: Single Pack (Random)
- Includes 104 cards (2 GR, 8 RRR, 12 RR, 22 R and 60 C) + 35 SP (Parallel) + 2 SGR (Parallel) cards.
- There are 103 new cards and 1 reprint with new illustration.
- Includes further support for the Gold Paladin, Angel Feather, Kagero, Dimension Police, Dark Irregulars and Gear Chronicle clans, as well as Cray Elemental cards.
Introduces the keywords "Blaze", "Darkness", "Rescue" and "Burst".
- The package illustration is of Chrono Shindou and Taiyou Asukawa.
- The booster's slogan is "Stride forth! A radiant future is in these hands!"