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CardFight Vanguard OverDress Deck Box Collection V3 Vol. 111 "Mirei Minae & Bavsargra"

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The series "Bushiroad Deck Holder Collection V3" that thickens the fabric from "Deck Holder Collection V2" and protects the deck firmly!
In commemoration of the start of "CardFight !! Vanguard overDress", the deck holder of the main unit that decorates the character of the start deck and the product package is now available!

Product Specifications:
[Size] Height 98 x Width 75 x Thickness 65 mm
[Material] PP
[Printing] 5 color printing (4 colors + white)

*Approx. 90 cards can be stored when cards are loaded inside 1 Bushiroad Sleeve Collection Mini sleeve.
*More than 70 cards (approx. 76 cards) can be stored when the cards are loaded inside Bushiroad Sleeve Collection Mini + regular sleeve guard (0.2mm thick per sleeve).
*Please be aware that thickness of cards and sleeves varies by maker and item types.