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    CardFight Vanguard OverDress Sleeve Collection Mini "Aurora Senki Celas White"

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    In commemoration of the start of "CardFight !! Vanguard overDress", the sleeve of the main unit that decorates the product package of the start deck is now available!

    [High-grade specifications]
    the introduction of silver film, the color development is significantly improved compared to conventional silver-printed sleeves, and characters and logos are printed beautifully! In addition, it is a high-grade sleeve with increased expressiveness due to glitter processing.

    Product Specifications:
    [1 pack] 50 sheets

    [Size] Length 89 x Width 62 mm
    [Material] PP
    [Printing] Front side : transparent, back side: 5 color printing (4 colors + white)

    * This product is a high-grade specification.
    * This product does not include a Vanguard card.