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CardFight Vanguard OverDress Sleeve Collection Mini Vol.534 "Yu-yu Kondo"

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Card Fight !! Vanguard over Dress] has finally started!
――We will show you a mini size sleeve that is perfect for Vanguard series cards.
--In the 141st (1/2), the ride line unit and [VG-] from the first [VG-D-LBT01] lyrical booster [Lyrical Melody] released on August 20, 2021 (Friday) on the same day as the supply product. D-LTD01] Lyrical Trial Deck 1st [Departure! Lyrical Monasterio! ], The main unit is here!

[What is a high-grade specification? ]
――With the introduction of silver film, the color development has improved dramatically compared to conventional silver-printed sleeves, and characters and logos are printed beautifully!
-In addition, it is a high-grade sleeve with increased expressiveness due to glitter processing.

--70 sleeves
--Product material: PP
- made in Japan
--Sleeve size: Length 89 x Width 62 mm
--Front side: Transparent, Back side: 5 color printing (4 colors + white)
--In OP bag with header
* This product is a high-grade (Kira) specification.
* This product does not include a Vanguard card.