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    Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress X Monster Strike Title Trial Deck 2nd, 3rd [VG-D-TTD02, TTD03] (Japanese)

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    "Monster Strike" x "Card Fight !! Vanguard over Dress"

    Vanguard 10th Anniversary Commemorative Collaboration The second installment is [Monster Strike]!
    Trial deck VG-D-TTD02 "Super Beast God Festival" marked by "True Bond's Holy Sword Excalibur"!
    Trial deck VG-D-TTD03 "Fierce Beast God Festival" marked by "Causal Devil Laplus"!

    From the new series "Card Fight !! Vanguard over Dress",
    2 types of "Monster Strike" collaboration trial decks and booster packs will be released at the same time!
    The exclusive gimmick "Gacharidra" & "Ride Deck" you chose are the decisive factors in the game! ??
    Control popular monsters and win with strike shots! !!

    The total number of users in the world has exceeded 55 million!
    That's Monster Strike! !!

    The popular smartphone app game "Monster Strike" is an
    exhilarating action RPG that anyone can easily enjoy using the characteristics of smartphones!
    From such a monster, a trial deck of the gacha event "Super Beast God Festival"or "Geki Beast God Festival" has appeared! !!
    Enter the world of Vanguard with " Excalibur " or " Laplace ", who is also very active in Monster Strike ! !!

    Number of card types:
    All 15 types (1 type of RRR specification card)

    + 17 types of parallel (SSR: 1 type / MSR pole: 1 type / MSR: 15 types)
    1 RRR specification card and 2 parallel cards are enclosed in one product I will.
    * 2 MSRs, 1 MSR and 1 MSR pole, 1 MSR and 1 SSR will be enclosed.
    * SSR = Super Special Rare
     MSR = Monster Strike
     MSR Pole = Monster Strike Kiwami

    Set content
    ・ 1 pre-built deck (50 cards)
    ・ 2 power counters
    ・ 1 first guide
    ・ 1 play sheet (back side is deck manual) The

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