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CardFight Vanguard Sleeve Collection Mini Vol.231 (Carnivales Mega Trick, Prana)

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- TV anime from the Vanguard G] of large popularity in the broadcast, appeared mini size sleeve perfect for Vanguard series of cards!
- In the first 70 bullets, eight sleeve of.
- August 26 (Friday) Release of the booster pack eighth bullets from the ultra-referee], [sword of the bright Fides] (Klang: Royal Paladin), [balmy breeze of flower Otohime Irumataru] (Clan: Neonekutaru), [ Tengokushinjuu Fenrir] (Clan: Genesis), [golden dragon Gloria attrition inning Dragon] (Klang: Gold Paladin), [Genesis dragon flageolet-Messiah] (Klang: link Joker), [sinful's Charlottenburg halo To] ( Clan: dark irregular's), [large magic prana of Shishihana] (Klang: Vail Moon), [the pirate King gouache called the storm] (clan: the eight Grand Bleu) appeared.
- Grade up the high-grade specifications gleaming sleeve everyone deck!

[What is high-grade specification? ]
- With the introduction of the silver film, so far compared to the silver print of the sleeve of color is remarkably improved characters and logo beautifully printed!
- Also it is a high-grade sleeve expressivity has increased by Kira processing.

- 70 pieces sleeve
- Product Material: sleeve PP made in Japan
- Sleeve size: vertical 89 × horizontal 62mm
- Surface: transparent, back: 5-color printing (4 colors × White)
- With a header OP bag containing
※ This product is a high-grade (Kira) specification.
※ not included in the vanguard card in this product.