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CardFight Vanguard Sleeve & Deck Box Collection Vol.3 (PR♥ISM-Image, Sunshine Vert)

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Size: Sleeve: L89 x W62mm / Deck Holder: H97 x W73 x T62mm
Material: Sleeve, Deck Holder: PP
Printing: Sleeve Front: Transparent / Sleeve Back: 5C (4C + white) / Deck Holder: 5C (4C + white)
*Sleeves are in High Grade (kira) style.

[Set Contents]
-Sleeve (set of 70) x1
-Deck holder x1

*Approx. 90 cards can be stored when cards are loaded inside 1 Bushiroad Sleeve Collection Mini sleeve.
*More than 70 cards can be stored when the cards are loaded inside Bushiroad Sleeve Collection Mini + regular sleeve guard (0.2mm thick per sleeve).
*Please be aware that thickness of cards and sleeves varies by maker and item types.