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    Cardfight Vanguard Special Series Vol. 7 Clan Selection Plus Vol.1 [VGE-V-SS07] (English)

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    [Records 12 clans !!]
    -[Hoshikihei Chaos Breaker Dragon] [Dragonic Kaiser Vermilion `THE BLOOD`] and other popular units are here!

    [A lot of new units are also included! ]
    -From "Grand Blue", Grade 3 [Haunted Leader Betorisu] is now available!
    -[Haunted] Build a theme deck and fight !!

    [`New / re-recorded` All cards are recorded with RRR specifications! In addition, SP & ASR !!]
    --Three new cards for each clan! All 36 types are included !!
    --Reprinted the powerful support card [Steam Maiden Rible] and the 12-clan pull trigger guardian !!

    * There will be no reprints from new cards included in products released after April 2020 (excluding PR cards).

    [Product specifications]
    -All cards are recorded with RRR specifications!
    --All cards are available with the purchase of 1 BOX !!

    * Except when SP and ASR are enclosed.
    ※get! This item is eligible for the treasure campaign.

    [Card type]
    --All 84 types [36 new types + 48 reprinted types] (RRR: 84 types), parallel types (SP: 12 types + ASR: 1 type)

    [Recording clan]
    ・ 《Angel Feather》
    ・ 《Shadow Paladin》
    ・ 《Gold Paladin》
    ・ 《Tachikaze》
    ・ 《Murakumo》
    ・ 《Narukami》
    ·"link Joker"
    ・ 《Dark Irregulars》
    ・ 《Gear Chronicle》
    ・ 《Granblue》
    ・ 《Mega Colony》
    ・ 《Neo Nectar》