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Cardfight!! Vanguard V “Butterfly Moon Shadow” [VGE-V-BT09] (English)

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Title: Booster Pack (Random)

Featured Clan : Granblue, Pale Moon, Dark Irregulars, Murakumo

Number of card types: 
All 94 types [88 new types + 6 re-recorded types] 
(VR: 5 types / RRR: 11 types / RR: 12 types / R: 22 types / C: 44 types) 
+ Parallel types (SP: 34 types planned) 
+ One marker card 
* VR = Vanguard rare

From the "Cardfight !! Vanguard" series, "Vampire of Night Mist Nightrose", "Masque Illusionist Harry", "Venus Rukie, Queen of the Silver Thorns", "Shalhalot Vampire", "Shintaro no Yabuki Yasuiye" 5 types of units will participate in Vanguard Rare (VR)! 
A new deck that uses markers appears in "Granblue"! Moreover, it is possible to build a deck just below RRR! 
More popular units will join the battle one after another ...!? Do not miss future information! 

The current bullet is also included as luxurious as V-BT08 "Ginka Ryuen"! 
Increased VR / RRR coverage! 
The VR / RRR card becomes an SP and has a luxurious design! 
"SPSpecial"SP Clan Pack", which contains all the cards, is now available! 

Clan types are "Granblue" protect , "Pale Moon" accelerator , "Dark Irregulars" protect , and "Murakumo" accelerator  .