Cardfight!! Vanguard V “Radiant Divine Lightning” [VG-V-BT12] (Japanese)

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Recording Clan : Angel Feather, Gold Paladin, Genesis, Narukami

Number of card types
All 89 types [81 new types + 8 re-records]
(VR: 5 types / RRR: 11 types / RR: 13 types / R: 17 types / C: 43 types)
+ ASR 2 types / SP card 41 types / special re-recording 1 type [Parallel 44 types]
+ 1 marker card (re-recorded)
* VR = Vanguard rare
 ASR = Another secret rare
SP clan pack All 5 types included

5 types of VR (Vanguard rare) are recorded!
"Black horror Gaurir" "Knight of Asahi Guru Gwint" "Kaikai Beast Fenrir" "Seitenryu Eos Anesis Dragon" "Dragonic Vanquisher "FULLBRONTO""
Popular past unit is also included!
"Holy Spirit Angel Nokiel" "Eraser Dragonic Descendant"

New tactics for each clan!
A super attack type angel feather that can further utilize the damage zone!
The Shinemon gate deck that changes the way of fighting with the appearance of a new star unit!
The evolution of Vanquisher and the new tactics of Gurwynte can't
be overlooked!
"Mighty Bolt Dragoon" will be included!!
Special Rarity "ASR (Another Secret Rare)" will also be included!
"Eraser Dragonic Descendant" and "Kerokukai Giant Valkerion" are now available in special specifications!
The clan types are "Angel Feather" protect , "Gold Paladin" accelerator , "Genesis" force , and "Narukami" accelerator .

Encapsulation rate above RR

Probability of RR or higher that appears when opening 1 pack is as follows.

・Parallel (SP+RE+ASR): About 2.84%
・VR: About 9.38%
・RRR: About 20.94%
・RR: About 33.75%

*The encapsulation rate for this product only *We
do not guarantee the number of sheets when opening the box or carton