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Cardfight Vanguard V The Answer of Truth [VG-V-EB04] (Japanese)

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Title: Single Pack (Random)

68 types [68 new types]
(VR: 3 types / RRR: 6 types / RR: 8 types / R: 14 types / C: 37 types)
+ SVR 3 types [Foil stamping luxury VR parallel]
+ OR 3 types [parallel]
* VR = Vanguard Rare
SVR = Special Vanguard Rare
OR = Origin Rare
* OR of << Gear Chronicle >> is a new unit, so it is not a past bullet illustration.
* Specifications of the booster (BT) and extra booster (EB) are different.
* For the extra boosters after this bullet, 1 out of 2 types of "VR / SVR" is enclosed in one box. V-EB01, V-EB02, V-EB03 are not applicable.

Gear Chronicle, Genesis, Great Nature