Chocorin Mascot Series "Natsume Yujincho"

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Introducing a new 3D series! Its name is "Chokorin Mascot"! A little appearance, a little cute size! It's such a mascot. Deployed with an original deformed design. You can collect a lot, go out together, take a picture, and enjoy it in various situations. It also comes with a dedicated pedestal, so you can stand on your own.

  • Approximately 2 inches each (5cm)
  • Made of PVC
  • Based on the Natsume Yujincho series
  • Part of the Chokorin Mascot line
  • Each figure includes a pedestal

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    (C) Yuki Midorikawa / Hakusensha / "Natsume Yujincho" Production Committee